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Your guide to a better night’s sleep

Need a Better Night's Sleep? Gem Lowes - Wellness Blog
Need a Better Night’s Sleep?

This is your go-to guide if you’re in need of a better night’s sleep.

Theta waves

Many of our clients struggle to get out of bed on a morning, largely because they find it difficult to fall asleep at night. And when they eventually did find themselves in the land of nod, they reported a lot of tossing and turning. Which left them feel tired and groggy the next day. That was until they found out about Theta waves.
The brain works by functioning on five different frequencies; alpha, beta, theta, delta and gamma. Theta is the sleeping wave and if you listen to these waves you will have a much better night’s sleep.

8 to 8 rule

This is a great one. It works on the premise that you only eat between the hours of 8am and 8pm. You can adjust the timing slightly depending on what time you go to bed but as a general rule of thumb you want to leave at least three hours between your last meal and bedtime. We’d also advise avoiding any form of caffeine after 4pm.


Gentle twisting and stretching will prepare your mind and body for bed, leaving you feeling relaxed and calm. This is the perfect combination for a good night’s sleep. There are hundreds of bedtime yoga videos available on YouTube, take your pick.

Tidy room

As the expression goes – tidy room, tidy mind (it’s tidy house, tidy mind but same sentiment). Clutter is never a good thing. If your surroundings are cluttered, your mind is cluttered. Simple.

Lights out

Leave your laptop in the living room. It has no place in your bedroom unless it’s the weekend and you’re enjoying a daytime Netflix marathon. Limit your phone usage as well – the light will stimulate your brain which is not what you need right before bed. We’re all guilty of this but try and leave it on your bedside table. Your body will thank you in the morning.

Lavender oil

As well as reducing anxiety, research suggests that lavender oil helps induce a slow-wave (just like theta waves). Place a few drops of this essential oil on your pillow and you will wake up feeling refreshed.


There’s an excellent article entitled ‘How I learned to fall asleep in under one minute’ and this has worked wonders for our clients. The trick is to simply breathe in for four counts, hold for seven, and breathe out for eight.

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