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What to do when you feel like you’re losing control

Losing Control

Have you ever felt like everything you’ve worked hard for is slipping through your fingers?

On day you have your world under control and the next, you find yourself struggling to keep up. Life sometimes tends to be too difficult and complicated to keep everything in neat, labelled boxes.

When you have days where you just want to curl up in bed and cry remember that sometimes, it gets worse before it gets better, and if you ever get to a point where you feel you’re losing control, follow these steps the bring harmony and balance into your world:

  1. Step back:

    Sometimes it’s hard to see the entire picture if you’re standing so close to it. When you feel you’re losing control, the best thing you can do is to take a step back. Stop everything you’re doing and move away from the chaos. To see the extent of the damage, have a clearer view, and a newer perspective, you need to be willing to have a metaphorical aerial view of your world.

  2. Breathe:

    Once you see the full picture, it’s important not to panic. Our first instinct in the face of frustration is to scream or break down. Don’t let the chaos get the best of you. Try simple breathing techniques or find a way to make yourself calm down. By doing this, you eliminate the possibility of getting high blood pressure which can lead to serious medical problems. Solutions often come when the mind is calm and the body is relaxed.

  3. Focus:

    The only good thing about things falling apart is that, it doesn’t always happen at once. At this stage, it’s important to focus on the situation at hand. Don’t speculate or overthink. Try to look objectively into the problem and draw realistic conclusions. The purpose of focusing here is to help you with two things: what to do next and where to start. Your ability to focus will determine how fast you will gain control and put things in order.

  4. Changes:

    Identify the reasons why things weren’t working well in the first place. Ask what you can do to prevent the situation from happening again. These answers will help you to make changes in your life. It could be a time management problem or a routine based problem. By allowing yourself to consistently alter and make changes, you’ll reach a point where you’ll finally discover what works best for you in any situation.

  5. Routines:

    Sometimes we lose control because we don’t have a good routine. A well thought out routine—from the moment you wake up, right to when you go to bed helps to make your day move smoothly with minimal problems. It also helps to spend less time on repetitive actions, increase productivity, maximise output, get some personal time, sleep well, and have an overall healthy lifestyle. Routines can be created to fit your lifestyle, personality, habits, and environment.

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