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Activities & Events

Gem Lowes Bespoke Luxury Travel Concierge brings you the latest in events and activities.

In addition to sun, surf, snow and sand, our concierge includes other memorable activities and events — experiencing the country and its people. And depending on the country you visit, the various vacation activities include cruising, yachting, spa treatments, wine tasting at sunset, yoga, surfing, skiing, and so much more. It’s a grand adventure!

Wine Tasting

Calling all wine lovers and connoisseurs. Time to wake up your taste buds and add a whole new dimension to your luxury stay. Wine tasting is generally a historic and cultural event in many countries, from Europe to South Africa, to the Pacific and Americas. So if you are someone who just loves to savour the finer things in life, we’ll advise you on where you can indulge in wine tasting while visiting these countries.

Luxury Cruises

This is the ultimate relaxation experience. Ahh. Feasting your eyes on nature’s beauty and the multiple beaches along the coastline is pure pleasure. From the starting point, you are generally given a 5-star treatment until disembarkation. And you can sunbathe at your leisure. Some tours give you daytime or sunset options. Both options are great, but that sunset option is divine. Many of these cruises offer a romantic dinner on the sunset leg.

Spa Treatment

Spa treats are always an enjoyable, relaxing activity and are hardly missed. It’s an activity that both men and women enjoy. For many hotels or villas, spa treatments are run by franchises and must be paid for separately. Some properties have it included, however, and we arrange the treatment that suits you best.

Multiple Activities

For some countries, it’s historic waterfalls, bike trails, skiing in the alps, kayaking on a swift river, or partying the night away. The options are endless, with so many beautiful places to behold. Where you can make memories that will become such a special part of your life.