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12 great ways to detox

12 Great Ways to Detox - Gem Lowes

Great Ways to Detox

1. Dry skin brushing

This is one of the great ways to detox and eliminate toxins. The light pressure will stimulate your lymph nodes, helping to remove any waste products from the body. It also boosts blood flow and circulation which in turn increases the effectiveness of your internal organs.

2. Yoga twists

Yoga isn’t all about lying on the floor with your eyes closed, it offers many health benefits but that’s a discussion for another day. Today I want to focus on one particular set of asanas (poses) – the detoxifying twists. When performed correctly the twists will massage your internal organs, circulating fresh blood around the body and squeezing out any nasty toxins.

3. Deep belly breathing

This exercise offers the same benefits as the above yoga twist in that it helps flush toxins from the body. And one of the great ways to detox. Try breathing slowly through your nose for five counts (or until your abdomen is fully distended). Then slowly exhale by squeezing your belly button in as far as it will go.

4. No alcohol (this one is tough)

When you consume alcohol you put a huge amount of strain on your internal organs, leaving them inflamed and irritated. Giving up alcohol even for just a few weeks will give your body the much needed break it deserves.

5. Eat organic

It surprises me the number of people who believe they are living a healthy lifestyle but are putting an unthinkable amount of chemicals and pesticides into their body. To ensure your body is working to its full capacity read up on the EWG’s guide to the Clean Fifteen and Dirty Dozen.

6. Juicing

Give your digestive tract a break by introducing organic vegetable juice to your diet. The reason I wouldn’t recommend fruit is simply because the juicing process strips away the fruit’s fibre, leaving nothing but sugar.

7. Massage

Massaging stimulates the lymph nodes and encourages the circulation of fresh blood around the body, helping to eliminate any toxins and waste products. It is also incredibly relaxing so, why not?

8. Go paleo

This partially means eliminating anything refined. Why? Because refined foods are full of nasty toxins and chemicals that put unnecessary strain on the body. Remember, “if you can’t catch it, grow it, hunt it, fish it, or gather it, then don’t eat it”.

9. Stay hydrated

This is an obvious one but too many of us forget its importance. Water is a great way to help flush out any unwanted toxins. We’d recommend drinking hot lemon water, read more on the benefits of this here.

10. Take supplements

See your doctor or speak to a nutritionist to see if you have any underlying health problems or deficiencies. It’s amazing how much of an affect this can have on your general productivity and energy levels.

11. Sweat

When your body starts eliminating those nasty toxins you will sweat, a lot. This is good as it’s your body’s way of getting rid of any toxic waste. Speed up the process by taking a relaxing bath or sauna.

12. Epsom salts

Epson salts soothe the body and mind. They are rich in magnesium which helps balance your serotonin levels. They are also known to reduce anxiety.

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