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Flexible multi-stop flights | Gem Lowes Travel Blog

Flexible multi-stop flights

Looking for flexible multi-stop flights that you can buy instantly?

Then you need to check out Indie.

What are the benefits?

Unlike other flight comparison websites, such as Skyscanner or STA Travel, this site not only allows you to plan your multi-stop journey. But it also allows you to get an instant quote, without having to talk to anyone or redirecting you to a third party supplier. That means there’s no back and forth or unnecessary communication required with other people. Saving you time and effort.

What I loved about Indie was that it allowed you to visualise your route, helping you to see if your route made sense or not. The instant price range also allowed you to play around with the dates and destinations. Helping you to to compare costs and ensure that you were getting the cheapest price possible.

With just a click of a few buttons, you can play with your flight path to your heart’s content. Fully optimising your journey and trip. So not only does Indie help you with your budgeting, it’s also an extremely simple and powerful way to book multi-stop flights.

Another plus is that you can start from any airport in the world, it doesn’t have to be your home country. You can take off on your trip as soon as you want to. As early as today, given you have your bags packed and have the funds in your account.

Saving the best to last?

It seems that most other online booking search engines or flight comparison sites have limitations on how many flights you can book and/or price in one go. Usually the cut off is around the six flight mark.

Not with Indie.

Here you you can price more than 6 flights at the same time.

Instant gratification. It’s genuis.

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