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Look after the pennies

Cheapest Gap Year Travel Accommodation - Gem Lowes Travel Blog

Cheapest Gap Year Travel Accommodation?

When I began looking at accommodation for my travels, I came across a somewhat interesting, money saving discovery. Hostels were in fact not always the cheapest option, particularly if you’re travelling as a couple. Well at least not the ones I saw advertised on Hostels or Hostel World.

Dorm or private room?

You see, 9 times out of 10, I found that booking a private room, sometimes even with a private bathroom, through booking.com, was significantly cheaper than booking through either one of the aforementioned sites.
Another plus was that a lot of the rooms on booking.com offered free cancellation before a certain date. Meaning that you could always change your mind at a later date. Very handy if your travel plans changed or a better option comes up.

So, if you’re travelling as a couple, or there’s two of you travelling as friends, consider looking into all of the options. This will ensure you get the most cost-efficient deal.

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