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Be gentle with yourself. You’re a work in progress

Running Through Fields

The word progress means an onward and continuous movement toward a destination, or an advancement towards a better and complete condition. Now when you think about it with this  definition in mind, you’ll realise that suddenly, there’s absolutely nothing wrong in being a work in  progress…except for the fact that it’s sometimes slower than we’d like. I know that all too well.

Seriously, I can’t wait to be the woman I’m building myself up to be—she’s a successful badass! I have  to remind myself each day to make smart choices while I’m waiting to be her. I have to learn to be gentle with myself and treat myself with love, encouragement, and positivity.

Diamonds are flawless and breath-taking, but the fact is, they aren’t mined in Tiffany boxes. They go through a fiery, strenuous process to be the most sought after and expensive jewel in the world.

Trust the process

Like most people, I had a plan for my life. A very detailed map that would lead to the life I had in mind. Though things didn’t work out exactly as planned, I had to learn to be patient and accept that my journey is a process. We’re often made to think that it’s normal to “get there” in a blink of an eye due to celebrities like Cardi B blowing up overnight and becoming rich in what seems like a year. Her story is undoubtedly inspiring but it’s important to remember that success doesn’t always come overnight. Sometimes it takes longer. So while you’re waiting, the question is, will you trust the process or concede defeat?

Focus on yourself

Don’t be deterred by the social media photos and posts by your friends and acquaintances. We have all being assigned different paths and destinies; some only have more bumps, dirt, and ditches than others. No matter the package you’re given, It’s important to remember three things: This is your story. Forget the world. Focus on yourself. I’m not asking you to ignore the world around you and pretend things aren’t happening. No. What I’m saying is, life is not a competition, you’re in a league of your own. The moment you realise that, you’ll understand and master the art of being unbothered.

The process, not the package

When Oprah’s parents named her Oprah, I strongly doubt if they knew she was going to be THAT Oprah. No one is born with their destiny written on their forehead. Sometimes we look at these incredible people and wish we had their lives, but we forget that they weren’t born the person they are today. Some had to work extremely hard and go through trials and tribulations to be the inspirational story we can’t get enough of. The process matters! It prepares you for what’s to come. It gives you strength and courage; teaches patience, acceptance, and resilience. Be proud to be a work in progress. Take your time and enjoy the process.

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