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Amazing things that happen when you reduce your sugar intake

Sugary Food

Sugar laden snacks and foods are delicious. There’s no denying that. They don’t only taste divine but are aesthetically pleasing to behold. According to research, sugar makes you insatiable and tricks your brain into wanting more as you indulge. This explains why it’s not easy to reduce our intake or cut it completely from our diets. Experts from the American Heart Association recommend no more than six teaspoons of sugar a day or 100 calories for women and 9 teaspoons or 150 calories for men.

Unfortunately, our sugar intake exceeds the recommended allowance, and that’s why it causes more health problems than cholesterol. High sugar intake causes instability in glucose levels, increases risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases; and leads to chromium deficiency.

What are the benefits of kicking the sugar habit?

You don’t have to completely eliminate sugar from your diet. Remember that moderation is very important in maintaining a good health. Ease up on artificial flavourings and sugars and rack up on naturally occurring sugars found in fruits and other products.

By doing this, you’ll reap the benefits which include:

A younger-looking skin

High sugar intake accelerates ageing due to a process known as glycation, this is when sugar bonds with protein or lipids without enzymatic regulation. This causes wrinkling of the skin, formation of cataracts, and hardening of the arteries. By cutting down your sugar intake, you decrease the acceleration process which leaves your skin looking younger and clearer with fewer or no visible wrinkles and less sagging.

Lowers your risk of health problems

Most of the foods we consume today put us at risk of obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes. Experts say that drinking two of more sugary drinks a day could lead to type 2 diabetes. It can also lead to fatty liver disease—which is when a spike in insulin levels drive fat into the liver cells. Research also indicates that low sugar intake helps to reduce risk of certain cancers.

No more clouded mind and dullness

Low sugar intake prevents the impairment of cognitive function, keeps your brain sharp, and mind clear. It also keeps your memory intact and responsiveness to situations high. In a psychology research, it was discovered that adults who drank water and unsweetened tea and coffee were less likely to be diagnosed with depression.

Brighter smile and confidence

The commonest effect of high sugar intake is tooth decay. Which is caused by the accumulation of plaque and bacteria, and leads to dental decay and cavities. Sugar helps bacteria to multiply quickly, that’s why it’s important to brush twice a day. When you cut down your sugar intake, you’ll have less dental problems, better breath, and more confidence.

Unintentional weight loss

Sugar creates a cycle of false hunger, which leads to high caloric intake and eating between meals. By avoiding added sugars or reducing your intake, you’ll have fewer cravings which will speed up your metabolism and aid in losing weight effortlessly.

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