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6 things I did to get a life-makeover

How to make over your life

In desperate need of a life-makeover, I started to research ways to change my life. My discoveries were quite interesting, from cosmetic makeovers to going to the airport and moving to a random country. Now mind you, while these solutions, without a doubt, have been helpful to many, they weren’t exactly in tune with my idea of a life-makeover.

What I needed were doable things I could easily form healthy, life-long habits out of, to improve my life, and save me from of the rut I had for so many years fallen into.

Here are some of the important things I did to completely change my life:

  1. I found my purpose in life.

    I believe that the reason I felt lost for so long was because I had no idea what to do with my life. I was just existing—doing the things I had to do without finding an iota of joy or satisfaction. The moment I discovered my purpose in life, a whole new world opened up to me; and I was excited to explore.

  2. I went back to college.

    With my new found purpose, I enrolled in school to continue with my education. To find knowledge that will sharpen my natural skills and give me financial stability. When I was younger, school was the annoying thing you did because you had to, but was tolerable because you got to see your friends. Sigh

  3. I cut off toxic people.

    Once I started making headway, I decided to de-clutter my life and cut off all the toxic people. Those I never felt comfortable around, took advantage of me, were judgemental, controlling, refused to take responsibility, held me back, brought nothing but trouble, and had nothing to offer but negativity.

  4. I took control of my life.

    I stopped whining about all the things I didn’t like about myself and decided to do something about it. I embarked on a weight-loss journey—exercising daily to reach my ideal weight, eating healthily, and taking my health seriously. I also took responsibility for my actions, made amends, and found ways to be a better person.

  5. I improved my reading habits.

    When I was younger, books were how I became acquainted with the world around me, so it made sense to go back to them. I began to read more—for pleasure and satisfaction of the soul. I picked up new authors and tried new genres. I began to learn new things, improve my vocabulary, and gain knowledge.

  6. I learnt how to be fearless.

    One of the things that held me back was my inability to trust my instincts and take risks. I used to be too cautious; overthinking and over-analysing everything around me. The truth is, I still am, but I have learnt to exhibit the right amount of restrain and caution while making sure that I take chances and make use of the opportunities life throws my way.

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