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6 Most Beautiful Islands In The World.

Sailing and Boats

Islands are one of the few things in nature that deserve the phrase, “Heaven on earth.” From white sandy beaches to the crystal clear waters, they are the perfect vacation destination and definitely worth the visit. Every avid traveller must visit at least one of these islands in their lifetime to experience incredible sunsets and life around water.

Where are 6 of the most beautiful Islands in the world:

  1. Fiji

    This is one of the most breathtaking islands in the world. The country is the ideal destination for every beach and nature lover. It has over 300 islands and only one-third are inhabited. Fiji is a tourist hotspot not only because of the palm filled beaches, naturally occurring swimming pools, lagoons, white sands, and coral reefs but also due to its lush rain-forests and amazing waterfalls—famous among them is the Tavoro waterfall.

  2. Bali, Indonesia

    Pinterest is filled with countless images of Bali’s stunning beaches, mountains, and landscapes. There’s more to this island than a trip to the Seminyak and Jimbaran Bay beaches. It has at least 10,000 temples which includes the Pura Empul and the Uluwatu Sea temple. An aerial view of the terraced rice fields and ancient monuments are incredible to say the very least. A trip to the island is as physically renewing as it is spiritually.

  3. Ischia, Italy

    This small volcanic island is known for its hot springs and mineral infused waters. It’s the perfect relaxation spot for many locals and tourists. The island has incredible sights, of which include lush forests, landscapes, gardens, vineyards, and small towns by the water dating back to several centuries. While some tourists are fascinated with the town and choose to explore, others opt to go sailing, kayaking, or swimming.

  4. Crete, Greece.

    This is the largest and probably the most beautiful island in Greece. The beach has crystal clear waters and a coastline that stretches over 600 miles. The view is even more breathtaking from an aerial view when the beach is empty. The mountains, beautiful landscapes, and narrow valleys between hills that have steep rocky walls and streams running through contribute to making Crete the ideal tourist destination.

  5. Seychelles, Africa

    This is the ideal location for lovers— This is where Prince William and Kate Middleton spent their honeymoon, and where Russell proposed to Ciara. Located on the Eastern coast of Africa, the scenic archipelago has over 100 islands which is considered to be the oldest on the planet. With towering beach boulders, white sands, crystal clear waters, 2000 species of plants, and 1000 species of birds, Seychelles is definitely one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

  6. Jamaica, Africa

    Sip coconut water and listen to reggae music as you take in breathtaking scenic views. From swimming with the dolphins to exploring local sites, Jamaica has countless activities for tourists. Enjoy the local culture, the vigorous nightlife, and make sure to try authentic Jamaican food.

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