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6 free apps that make travelling easier

6 free apps that make travelling easier. | Gem Lowes - Travel Blog

6 free apps that make travelling easier.

The process of planning a trip tends to be a very tedious and time-consuming process. Thankfully, technology has once again made it incredibly easy to see the world, immerse yourself in a different culture – and even have fun while doing it. There’s now no need to helplessly ask the closest, most impatient passer-by for directions in a foreign language. Especially when awesome travel apps are available to help you find that amazing sushi restaurant you’ve heard so much about.

… 1. Google Translate

This is an efficient app to have for everyday use as well as travelling abroad. It translates 103 languages in real time via typing, supports offline translation (59 languages), translates text in images by simply pointing your camera at the object (39 languages), and translates conversations between two people who speak different languages while in progress. It also supports handwriting mode and allows you to save results for later use.

… 2. Skyscanner

This app helps you to get the best travel deals ranging from everything you need before the trip to arriving at your destination. You can find the cheapest flights with no hidden charges, restaurants, affordable car rentals, affordable hotels, resorts, apartments, hostels and more. You can also earn frequent flyer miles, receive notifications on new deals and even get tons of inspiration for your next trip.

… 3. Packpoint

This is a smart packing list app that helps you to bring everything you need on your trip. It creates your custom travel list based on your destination, weather, length of trip, and activities planned. With this packing checklist tool, you never have to forget anything ever again; whether it’s your medication, bathing suit or laptop charger. Premium features allow you to connect to Evernote to view your travel lists across devices.

… 4. SitOrSquat

This app is basically the Yelp review for public restrooms around you (or where you’re planning on going on your trip). You can search and view over 100,000+ public restrooms in your current location or as a list. It has become the most efficient way to find the nearest restroom when you really need to go. The rating system helps you determine if you should sit or squat. Users can also add restrooms to the database and provide basic information like location and features.

… 5. Airbnb

Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term accommodation, Airbnb has you covered. The service connects travellers with rooms, homes, apartments and other forms of unique accommodation. It’s perfect for those who want the home away from home experience and also, a great way to earn money as a host. You can choose from over 4 million vacation home rentals in over 190 countries around the world.

… 6. GasBuddy

This is a must-have app for those who are planning a road trip or intend to drive during their vacation. The app helps you locate the nearest gas stations with the lowest price and by doing so, helps you save money and time.

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