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5 ways to find peace of mind in troubling times

Finding Peace in Modern Times

I envy people who say they have the ability to shut off their minds.
I’m not sure if science can back their claim, but Reese, of the family comedy, “Malcolm In The Middle” made a pretty compelling, albeit funny case when in an attempt to convince his brother, Malcolm, to loosen up, said, “You’ve just got to calm down, turn off your brain.” His brother responded, “You can’t just turn off your brain.” “Sure you can,” said Reese, “I do it all the time. Just watch…

Malcolm watched in awe as his brother, while demonstrating, stood slack-jawed, staring blankly into space, seemingly in a trance, and completely unaware of his name being called out. I remember this scene because I don’t possess Reese’s mental prowess. My mind in its natural state is much like the ocean waves—tumultuous, incessant, and always pushing something to the shores of my mind.  I had to learn how to quiet my mind and find peace in the eye of the storm. Here are a few things I do that basically says to my mind, “Shut up, I’m the boss of you.

  1. Go to your happy place.

    I know…it sounds like a cliche but don’t knock it off until you try it. Your happy place is a physical place that can also be accessed mentally, and is associated with most, if not all, of your best memories. It’s a place where you’re happy, relaxed, comfortable, and stress-free.

  2. Tap into your spiritual side.

    Try to meditate, pray, or find comfort in the belief that a greater power exists. Spiritual people often credit their faith for saving them from sinking during troubling times. Holding on to the hope that those who believe are never put to shame will help you to find peace of mind.

  3. Let it go.

    Elsa may have discovered the secret to finding peace of mind when she said, “Let it go.” Holding on to the things that hurt you is like holding burning coal, screaming out in pain, and yet refusing drop it. To find peace of mind, you have to be willing to let go of the things that hurt you and cause restlessness in your being.

  4. Count your blessings.

    I picked up this habit a couple of years ago; when I’m struggling to find peace, I begin to literally count my blessings. I make a list of all the goodness in my life—things, people, achievements, talents, etc. I always end up feeling better, at peace even, because of the realisation that my joy outweighs my pain.

  5. Talk about it.

    Open up to someone you trust about what you’re going through and your thoughts toward them. Sometimes it takes another person to help you sort out your emotions and bring a new perspective into the conversation. Don’t be afraid of being vulnerable. I always find peace of mind, feel better, and lighter after talking things through.

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