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5 Apps To Keep You Safe At All Times

Apps and Safety

Everyone deserves to feel a sense of security at all times—whether it’s walking home alone at night or staying indoors during the weekend. While self-defence techniques like the pepper spray and pocket knives have proved to be effective, it’s easy to mistakenly leave them at home.

But one thing we almost always never leave at home is our smartphone. So it makes sense to explore personal security apps that have been designed to keep us safe and automatically alert the police, family or friends in case of emergencies.

  1. Watch Over Me

    This was created to save people from being kidnapped after the app’s co-founder Chin Xin Ci, was kidnapped in real life. It runs in the background and uses GPS to track the user’s location. Emergency contacts receive emails notifications on the free version, and text messages on the paid version if the user has not checked in. When the phone is shaken vigorously, it triggers the alarm function and the camera begins to record automatically.

  2. Circle Of 6

    It was originally designed to help college students combat sexual violence but has become a useful tool for parents, teenagers, and professionals. The app helps to quickly contact 6 people of your choosing in case of an emergency. Features include a come-get-me button that sends your coordinates to your circle, a phone call button when you need help or save by the bell moment, and a chat function. It helps to feel safe when you’re out in your own.

  3. Companion

    A safety app that turns your family and trusted friends into your own personal security team. It uses sensors to scan your environment for abrupt changes such as when you start running suddenly. The app will then ask you to confirm your safety; if you don’t comply in 15 seconds, it alerts your emergency contact to check in or call the police. It also sends your location to your companion via text as you walk to your destination.

  4. bSafe

    With more than a million downloads, the bSafe app is one of the best apps in personal security. It allows users to add emergency contacts called Guardians, who track your location. It has an SOS button that sends them an alert in case of emergencies. In times of danger, users can trigger an alarm function to send their location to their contacts. The alarm can be customised to be loud or discreet, depending on the situation at hand.

  5. Bugle

    It works best for outdoor enthusiasts or people who generally don’t keep their phone on their person. Users can preset how long they will be out of the house and where they are going (be it school, work, jogging, hiking, errands, or even a short vacation.) When the time elapses and they still haven’t checked in, the app sends an alert to their emergency contact who then calls or comes by the house to check if they are safe.

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